Cacao Nib Spread

Cacao nibs add texture and bitterness while agave lends some sweetness to creamy goat cheese. Orange zest offers additional depth to this spread.more

Ingredients 1 8-oz log of goat cheese, room temperature 1/3 cup cacao nibs 2 1/2 teaspoons blue agave nectar 1 orange Crackers or baguette

For more about cacao nibs, read my post here on what nibs are and a variety of ways to use them. In a large bowl, use a spatula to combine goat cheese, cacao nibs, and agave. If serving on a baguette, slice and toast.

Spread a generous amount of goat cheese mixture onto crackers or baguette slices. Over each cracker or baguette slice, zest a small amount of an orange using a microplane.


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